Posted on May 18, 2016 at 7:19 pm

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Music Review: Udta Punjab

Zee Music Company and the makers of Udta Punjab have released the full soundtrack for the film. Music has been composed by Amit Trivedi, with lyrics penned by Shellee, Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Varun Grover. Get ready to get high on some of these melodies!

An edgy electronic track, “Chitta Ve” was the first video to be released from the album. A nice change from typical party numbers, it starts with a rap section, by Babu Haabi, and later goes into the melody, sung by Shahid Mallya and Bhanu Prtap. “Chitta Ve” is mellower than a usual high-energy pumping song, but it’ll get you moving nevertheless!

“Da Da Dasse” is a song that features cool, groovy hip-hop beats. It has been rapped by Babu Haabi and sung by Kanika Kapoor, who is an interesting choice for this song. Compared to other Amit Trivedi tracks, “Da Da Dasse” has minimalist orchestration, and there is nothing particularly new or unique about this melody.

Rendered by Shahid Mallya, “Ikk Kudi” begins with a mellifluous guitar bit that goes into a beautiful soft melody quintessential of Amit Trivedi. The guitar chords and embellishments throughout are enchanting and add dimension to the song. Definitely my favorite track in the album so far!

After the soft melody of “Ikk Kudi”, “Ud-daa Punjab” brings listeners back to the edgy grunge vibe of previous songs in the album. Amit Trivedi’s vocals have a strange but unique combination of strong power with a lazy feel. This number also features Vishal Dadlani trying his hand at rapping in Hindi and Punjabi. Unfortunately, “Ud-daa Punjab” feels repetitive, as all the stanzas are sung with the same melody and little changes in backing orchestration.

“Hass Nach Le” is a welcome change, featuring harmonium and a qawwali genre track in an otherwise edgy and electronic album. This song really suits Shahid Mallya’s voice and he has rendered it excellently, showing off his vocal prowess in both high and low octaves.

“Vadiya” is a super electronic fist-pumping club number. It is sung by Amit Trivedi himself, whose pronunciation of the song’s Punjabi lyrics could be better. The chorus line is quite addictive and trippy, suiting the vibe of the film overall.

“Ikk Kudi (Reprised Version)” features Diljit Dosanjh singing and Alia Bhatt in the empowering video of the song. It is nice to hear Diljit on vocals. It is very clear that he sings with passion and emotion.

Final Verdict: Udta Punjab is a unique album featuring 60% edgy, electronic, grunge songs with some lyrical melodies in between. Amit Trivedi has utilized a combination of his typical style with some experimentation transcending his comfort zone. Needless to say, the album will certainly suit the film and its context quite well. Looking forward to hearing and seeing them onscreen!

Udta Punjab is an upcoming thriller starring Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, and Diljit Dosanjh. An Abhishek Chaubey directorial produced by Balaji Motion Pictures, Udta Punjab releases on June 17, 2016.

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