Posted on May 9, 2016 at 10:31 pm

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#MothersDay: Urban Asian team tells us why we love our Mommies!

We all love our moms no matter where they are or where they live. We as children have a special bond with all our moms in some form of way. I know I do because Mothers Day is everyday for my mom and for many at our team! So we gathered a few reasons why each of us who blog for Urban Asian love our mommies!

To all the moms out there and new mommies to be – we wish everyone a wonderful Happy Mothers Day. So put down your phone and take her out to dinner or talk to her or go on over to her and give her a big HUG. Because every little bit counts.

Miss Roshni –
I love my mom for many reasons not only because she gave birth to me on this special day but because she is also my best friend. We share everything together from lows to highs from sadness to happiness she is one who can give the best advice which your own best-friend may not be able to give. Working hard over the past few years she never fails to make us happy and she’s a COOL mom because she loves to keep up with what’s happening in our generation. Moms make us happy when we are down, they can sense when your down even for 5 seconds and know what your thinking. They are like Superwomen and clearly my Mom is WonderWomen! Love you MOM!



All that my sister Poonam and I are today is because of the support and efforts of one person – that is, our Mom.  She is our everything.

Rama Modha_Roopa Modha

Diana- Growing up we were told a story of a wise man and a foolish one. The foolish man saw the work required to make a house on the rock so he took the easy way out and built his house on sand, the winds came, the floods came and tore the house down. The wise man saw all the labor but also saw the profits therefore built his house high up on a rock, the winds came, the floods came and nothing happened. Then we were told that the rock was God, unbreakable, demanding firm and protective. But there is more to that story, who was the wise man (woman) and what was her profit? The wise one was my mom and her profit was the safety and security of herself, her family. She deserves all due credit for what my sister and I have achieved in life and in our death. The house is her legacy, we just live in it.




Like a mother would tell her daughter, “I am proud of you.” All I want to tell my mom is that I am proud of her. I know everyone looks up to their mom, but I can confidently say that she is the most hardworking, inspiring and loving person I know. She never fails to make anything happen.


Aishwarya – I admire my mother. Sometimes I feel like she is superwoman. She is able to handle everything yet stay calm in the face of chaos and craziness. She is not only my Amma but also my guru, a great friend, and a fellow dancer-musician with whom I can create memories at home and onstage.

collage-2016-05-06 (1)

Ami Jain

My mom runs her own business, runs the house and has time for a social life. I idolize her! #momgoals Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom!



Your love, compassion, endless support just means everything to me. Thank you, Mom. Happy Mothers Day!


Megha Patel – Thank you mommy for always being there for me and sharing laughs with me. I love you so very much?


So what are your reasons you love your mom share it with us!

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