Posted on May 17, 2016 at 1:00 am

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"I admire Shahrukh Khan but I am a fan of Salman Bhai" – Saurabh Pandey

Ever since the show Suryaputra Karna launched, fans have been gushing over actor Saurabh Pandey’s portrayal of Lord Krishna.  The show is created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary and, as expected, Saurabh is enjoying all the attention from his fans. The young actor has been showered with love and affection from around the world.  So much so, that his fans are even sending him some unique portraits of him as Krishna.  Recently one of Saurabh’s fans made a portrait of him and sent it to him.

Saurabh loves his fans and explains,

“Usually, I try to read all the messages and comments on social networking forums. The fan who sent me a beautiful portrait of mine as Lord Krishna, his name is Aditya Sonavane and he is 17 years old. He sent it to me through Instagram and I loved it, and I shared in the rest of the social networking platforms.”

Talking about the fans contribution in an actor’s career Saurabh adds,

“For us it is never about what you get from a fan, the priceless thing is their love towards you and their madness and sincerity towards the actor who they love and look up to.”

When asked about crazy moments with his fans, Saurabh shared an incident.

“It’s crazy when people come on set and without letting me know all of a sudden they touch my feet and they say that you are playing Lord Krishna because God wants you to play and that’s why we also see God in you. I am grateful to their love and towards what God has given me. But still I don’t want people touching my feet because I am not God.”

We know fans loves Saurabh, but who does Saurabh idolize?

“I admire Shahrukh Khan, but I am a Fan of Salman Bhai. The reason is because I have personally met him and I love Salman for the person and the soul he has.”

We’re sure Saurabh’s role as Krishna won’t be forgotten by his fans any time soon!

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