Posted on May 27, 2016 at 2:33 pm

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Bangladesh's first physical release of electronic music is out!

Akaliko Records has released Translations, its first physical album of electronic music, featuring some of the best underground artists from Bangladesh and beyond.


Translations, the compilation, is a collaboration, in an attempt to recognize how time and again our most basic needs and primal instincts keep evolving while always still remaining the same – a sense of identity, a state of mind, the need for love and belonging, the need to protest the weight of an imposing system. Just as a work of literature is translated into various languages, sometimes lost and sometimes innovated in the process, we revel and even suffer in our translations every day consciously and otherwise.

Check out a preview of the album below!

This work is not a social commentary, and neither is this only a collective of music. This is a recognition of our innate ability to evolve, over a series of scenarios, that we hope will resonate over the many urban-scapes of the world, accompanied by sounds of the children and friends of new Dhaka.


Translations was birthed in a community of sound artists who have learned to grow an organic community from little to no institutional support. Akaliko Records looks forward to many more physical releases, with the firm belief that electronica from Bangladesh will reach the world and be responded to.

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