Posted on May 4, 2016 at 4:09 pm

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Aprit G and Kamal Singh will break your hearts with “Rula Diya”

An emotional ballad that will take you across the journey of a relationship, “Rula Diya” is a soulful ode to every heart break. Arpit G and Kamal Singh collaborate on this track to bring you a passionate new song that will surely get stuck in your heads.

Check out the music video which features not only the two vocalists, but singer Param Singh and model Sweetie Christian Audette.

The duo describe this track as an “emotional urban ballet taking the listener through the journey of a heartbreak.” The track has an R&B feel and evokes a lot of emotions as the music video takes you through the story of a couple’s relationship. Param Singh and Sweetie Christian Audette play the role of the couple in the video.

Arpit revealed that the song was actually inspired by the hook that Kamal originally wrote and it developed into this full blown tearful ballad from there. Arpit said that they didn’t want to create just another heart-break song but show the journey, the whole process. At times you’re upset at yourself for looking back at these painful memories and that’s what the song is meant to show. Both vocalists wrote the song in Hindi and Arpit also composed the music for the track. While Kamal brought the soulful melodies, Arpit brought a harsh edge with his rap for the song—a powerful combination!

The song is presented by Ampliify Times and the music video was directed by Cory Pitkavish. The track is now on Spotify, Saavn, iTunes and Biscoot Bajao be sure to get it now!

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