Posted on April 28, 2016 at 12:02 am

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TaZzZ Releases a Loving Tribute to his Mother—”Jannat”

After the mega-success of “Ayaan,” British Asian artist, TaZzZ just released a soul-touching new track titled “Jannat.” Inspired by his mother—and all mothers—he wrote this loving track as a tribute to the strong mother who battled the world to raise her son.


This track is very close to the Pakistani rapper’s heart, it is his most personal song yet. He speaks of how hard his mother worked to raise him, the sacrifices she’s made to give him a good life and how she supported him through his struggle with Tuberculosis.

“After I was diagnosed, my mother spent every day with me in the hospital—that is when this beautiful bond we have became stronger,” TaZzZ said. “It took me 28 years to realize heaven lies under the feet of my mother.”

He blends together English and Punjabi lyrics seamlessly to tell you a story of this special relationship between a mother and son. Irfan Chaudhry’s music is a sweet complement to the track and doesn’t over-power the depth of TaZzZ’s lyrics. Like “Ayaan,” this music video was also shot in Mian Channu, Pakistan—TaZzZ’s hometown.

What made the video for “Jannat” even more memorable is that TaZzZ’s own mother stars in the video!

“‘Jannat’ is ever so important to me especially having my mother so involved, having her be the star of my video and expressing my love to her was very emotional for me,” the rapper said, “but I wanted to portray the raw emotion. I wanted to show the world I have found paradise on earth.”

“Jannat” is the type of song that will pull at your heart and have you reaching the phone to hear your mother’s voice. With all the emotions involved, this track is the perfect reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Take a few minutes to really absorb this track, you won’t regret it!

TaZzZ said he was very proud of the track, telling this story was very important to him and vital to the legacy he hopes to leave behind.

“Tomorrow whether I’m here or not, ‘Jannat’ will live,” TaZzZ said, “my mother will now be known as ‘Jannat’ what more could I ask for.”

Love the track? Share it and spread the love in honor of Mother’s Day!


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