Posted on April 21, 2016 at 4:02 pm

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Ouch! When Sandeep Anand got pregnant!

Sandeep Anand has been experiencing quiet the discrepancy in his life. The May I Come In Madam actor has taken on a massive load for his character. He’s gotten pregnant!


Talking about the episode Sandeep Anand,

“We are doing an episode where Sajan gets demoted. In trying to prove the other person wrong to clear his reputation, he has to get into this avatar.”

Incidentally, playing a woman is not new to the actor.

“I have played a woman many times on screen before. I had to don a lady get-up as I was playing a cop in the earlier show to solve the case.”

Describing his first experience of playing a pregnant woman as fun, he says,

“I had mixed feelings – first, it was funny to be in that get-up, but then I realized how difficult it must be for a woman to be in this state for nine months. Hats off to them.”

Sandeep, who wears lenses to play Sajan, chose to retain his original grey eyes while playing the pregnant woman.

Sajan Agarwal is a an aam aadmi, so I wear black lenses in order to give the audience a real feel. But when I had to take on the guise of a woman, my creatives of the show Harshada Potnis and director Shashank Bali thought that I’ll make a pretty woman with my real grey eyes.”

It will be interesting to see how the episode plays out!