Posted on April 21, 2016 at 2:09 pm

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"Nandish and I have become very close!" – Mrunal Jain

Actor-turned-entrepreneur Mrunal Jain is quite happy with the success of team Ahmedabad Express. Besides being a talented actor, Mrunal Jain is also an outstanding leader. Interestingly, for a sports enthusiast, he has never played cricket much in real life.


“That’s true, I don’t play cricket much. But I’ve always taken up some or the other sports activity as it keeps us fit. And fitness is my life’s mantra. I wanted to be a part of BCL, so I took up this team. Moreover, Ekta Kapoor is producing it for Colors, so the canvas is far bigger this time,”

he reveals.

The actor is all praises for the team’s co-owners – Nandish Singh and Gaurav Agarwal.

“It’s a pleasure being the owner of Ahmedabad Express with them. Nandish and I have become good friends after handling this team for last year. We both have worked hard on this team to make it the best and are still doing it. Gaurav has just joined the team this year. The three of us are now good friends and share a smooth working relationship,”

he says.

It is said that the team members rush to the actor whenever they need advice or help.

“And I feel good about that,”

says Mrunal, adding,

“That’s a sign of a friendly relation between us. A game like cricket is all about teamwork. We have to go hand-in-hand with each other, be it as owners or players”

Ekta Kapoor has brought many changes in the presentation in this season. He says,

“Compared to last year, many things have changed in the presentation, but it’s only for the betterment. The entire concept of BCL has become more interesting with drama and entertainment. I hope it keeps on improving in the coming seasons.”

Talking of his own equation with Ekta, in whose show Mahabharat he made his debut as Krishna, Mrunal says,

“She is a woman of substance. Her business sense is exemplary. She is an all-rounder and knows the pulse of the audience.”

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