Posted on April 11, 2016 at 3:04 am

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Learn How To Wear Your Salwar Suits To Fit Any Occassion in This Guide!

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By: Thomas Sujain

India is well known for its colorful clothes. Their culture is evident in the colorful designs that are printed and embroidered in their garments. They have various types of clothes. One of these is the salwar suit.

What is the salwar suit?

Specially designed for ladies, the salwar suit is an elegant two piece outfit. It is made up of an outer long sleeved dress that falls to the knees. Under the dress, the ladies wear some matching pants. The ensemble is completed by a shawl that is made of the same fabric as the rest of the outfit and that has the same designs. When worn together, the outfit is known as a salwar suit.

Also known as a Salwar Kameez, this suit is associated with Punjabi women from Northern India. The outfit is graceful and flatters the curves on a woman’s body. The designs on the dress make it so attractive to look at and also to admire. Today, this type of dress is fashionable all over the world and ladies are finding new ways to wear it. Read on to learn some fashion tips for wearing the salwar suits.

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Tips for wearing the salwar suit


There are a number of tips for wearing this outfit. They include:


  1. Wearing the proper color


  1. Wear the right length


  1. Get the right cut for you


  1. Remember to accessorize


Wear the right color for your body type


If you have a slim and slender body, you should wear ethnic salwar suits that has pastel colors. On the other hand, if you are chunky, dark, strong colors are ideal. The dark colors are able to prevent your curves form attracting too much attention. This leaves your admirers looking at the design and flow of the fabric.

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Choose the proper length of salwar for you

For the outfit to look elegant, it must be just the right length. If you are tall, the salwar suit should be long and fall to your knees. On the other hand, if you are short, it should be appropriately short for your body.

Pick out the proper cut for you

There are two main cuts of salwar suits. These are the straight cut and the anarkali cut. The straight cut is ideal for slim women and those with an hourglass figure. If you have a pear shaped body, the right cut for you is the anarkali. It helps to hide your curves and calls attention to your outfit and not your body.

Always accessorize

A salwar suit is not complete without accessories. It does not matter if it has heavy embroidery or not, you should always wear some accessories with this outfit. A classy pair of earrings and bangles are always a great fit.


The salwar suit is an elegant outfit that you can wear at any time of the day. It features some authentic Indian culture and fabric. With the tips above, you are bound to look amazing in yours.

Salma Simreety is a fashion stylist in Delhi, India. She has many years of experience in designing salwar suits and giving advice on how to wear the outfit. For more information about Salma, visit this website