Posted on April 2, 2016 at 4:01 am

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John Abraham confirms he sleeps naked!

As he goes around to promote his new film as it comes closer and closer to the release date, Rocky Handsome’s lead actor the hot and sexy John Abraham sat down with host Malishka during an episode of “M Bole Toh” there were some of the deepest secrets revealed about the heartthrob that will blow you away!

unnamedAs he talks about his movies to the million viewers through Hotstar, John talks more and more about what he loves, what his interests are like choosing bikes over babes and how he is a rule follower and he respects every bit of it, he even confirms how he sleeps naked. As the episode continues Malishka asks him a series of questions and then things started to get very interesting.

Once we were in Holland and five or six excited girls surrounded me and put their hands in my t-shirt. The bodyguards came but said that they would not intervene or else the girls would scratch me. So those girls did whatever they wanted to do and it was really sweet. Thereafter they took out their hands and I felt something burning. So I checked and found blood. I asked a girl why she did that, she said she wanted my skin in her nails.”


Girls have gone really crazy over this hottie that they are even leaving souvenirs for him! facts after facts were being blurted out by him that would leave you on the edge of your seat. He stated how he was stopped by a traffic cop so the cop could compliment his legs, in the end he taught the cop his whole leg workout routine!

unnamed (2)Check out the whole episode on Hotstar and find out what else John has revealed about his life!