Posted on April 2, 2016 at 4:10 am

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Filmy Friday: Ki and Ka Review

Today happens to be April fools day, and director R Balki sure released an interesting film on such a day. Was it coincidental, or planned– who knows? But I know a lot of girls including myself could relate to Ki and Ka and maybe even a lot of guys too.

Ki and Ka is the perfect rom-com film to watch, it’s got a fun story, Arjun Kapoor not in a ‘action-gunday’ role and the evergreen beauty, Kareena Kapoor.

I was swept by the films story the moment I saw the trailer. I knew this was going to be one of those films I would watch and shake my head constantly because I saw myself in this film on all sorts of levels. Ki and Ka is one of those types of films where it gives off a very important message but in a light sense. There’s romance, laughter, tears, and some pretty catchy music too.


What stood out most was the story of the film. And more than just the story, but how Balki went about telling such a story about a man who wants to be a house husband, and a woman who wants to be a working-woman, yet still be married and running as normal of a lifestyle as they can without being ashamed with the package they have chosen. It’s of course not a common household scenario for most, be it Indian or non-Indian. But the film is showing a concept that may exist and how we can accept it whether you are in that situation or seeing it happen. While this may seem like a very serious topic, Balki took a few turns and brought light to it. He showed all shades of reality to this scenario and still added a fun tone to the film.


The next best aspect of the film which stood out had to be Arjun Kapoor. I rather enjoy watching Arjun in a lover-boy role, than a hardcore ‘gunday’. Either way he plays both parts well in all his films. In Ki and Ka though I thoroughly fell in love with him and of course his character. It felt very refreshing to see him play the house-husband role or Kabir Bansal. As far as Kareena Kapoor goes though, I felt she brought the film down a bit. Her character was just as important as Arjun’s, but there was a missing factor in the execution of her role as Kia. At some points I felt she over-played her role, or was just saying lines. It was a bit disappointing as she is one of B-towns greatest actresses. In addition I felt a lack of chemistry between both Arjun and Kareena as well, regardless of their swapped roles, there was a missing element between the two.

The cinematography, dialogues, and concept were all up-to-par. I wish the film had better music, it’s definitely not the kind of music I’d listen to everyday.  Lastly, I must mention the set design of Kia and Kabir’s apartment was one of my all time favorite parts of the film!

Ki and Ka is definitely a must watch film at-least once, just to see how well R Balki executed such a story onto celluloid.

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