Posted on April 9, 2016 at 2:17 pm

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#BCL: Ahmedabad Express set to show off some Triple A action!

The tall Aishwariya Sakuja, cheerful Aasiya Kazi and vivacious Arti Singh make head turn where ever they go. They both are part of team The Ahmedabad Express owned by Nandish Singh, Gaurav Aggarwal and Mrunal Jain.

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On the field they made a lively entry with Arti Singh who says,

“I am a vivacious person by choice. My team is like one lively happy family. We all have great fun on the field as well as off it”.

Munisha Khatwani says, “Ahmedabad Express is a positive team and the bond in the team among members is good”. Mrunal Jain says.,

“Its first time I am noticing many girls in my team has name starting from alphabet A. It’s an interesting co-incidence.”

Aasiya Kazi says,

“I was excited,nervous,confident and it’s always fun to be around my team and now we all have bonded so well that its great fun to be around happy people. We do have many team members with alphabet and our team initials also has A which is quite an interesting observation”.

The team Ahmedabad Express is one team whose PR has been the strongest be it papers, websites or on social media and their promotions and marketing activities involved lot of effort by the team owners!