Posted on March 15, 2016 at 1:32 am

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#Interview: Priyanka and Poonam talk East meets West with Classical Fusion!

I first came across these two beautiful girls who also happen to be twin sisters in my inbox one day and thought this is a super creative and unique video and so different yet entertaining! Poonam and Priyanka, twin sisters who love to dance and also love classical sounds  are trained in Bharatnatyam dancing. Yet this time they have added some spice to the music just to make it tad bit more fun and yet creative!

We had a chance to chat with the duo twins about where they get the creativity from and what inspired them to get into this type of dancing!

UrbanAsian: So you both are twins and love the same type of dance style. Do you
ever disagree on the steps when creating such amazing videos?

Poo and Priyanka: We disagree all the time! It’s part of the sister equation, we suppose :p *sistah sistah*

UrbanAsian: How did it all start – when did you two know that you wanted to
become a dancer and how long have you been learning Bharatnatyam and

Poo and Priyanka: We never intended to pursue dance, but after college ended we couldn’t leave it! We continued making videos, and now we are simply learning and growing as dancers because the level of talent in the dance world really inspires us!



UrbanAsian: As many of your videos have gone viral through so many outlets and
all over the world – what are you planning to do next and are we going
to be seeing you two ladies in music videos – we hope so!

Poo and Priyanka: Maybe one day! We are definitely going to just continue doing what we do- which is create. We love creating and mixing styles and will definitely be posting more videos.

UrbanAsian: So for many who don’t know Priyanka and Poonam Shah – what do youdo for a living currently and where do you want to go in terms of thepassion you have? Dancers for a video, maybe in a Bollywood or even a Hollywood film?

Poo and Priyanka: For the time being, we are just focused on self-improvement and learning! Just trying to do what inspires us! But we definitely wouldn’t mind being in a film in the future!



UrbanAsian: If given the opportunity to dance in a Hindi film – would you take it and who would want to choreograph if given the chance?

Poo and Priyanka:  Definitely, and we would be more inclined to do so if it really vibed with us! We would both love to choreograph 🙂

UrbanAsian: Who are your inspirations when it comes to dancing?

Poo and Priyanka:  Too many to name! We follow a vast array of dancers, as there’s so many different styles of dance, and so many people who inspire us! Looking through our Youtube subscriptions will definitely give you an idea!

UrbanAsian: So we noticed that you are trained in Bharatnatyam – what sparked you both to remix the classical sounds of Indian Music with a bit of western music?

Poo and Priyanka:  We have always admired elements of Hip Hop, and wanted to apply those elements to Indian dance styles as well!

UrbanAsian: One of my personal favorites is Ramta Jogi where it has sounds of classical instruments. How do you end up choosing what song you are going to dance to and how long does it take for you both to practice?

Poo and Priyanka:  We both choose songs based on what really speaks to us, and Taal is one of our favorite soundtracks of all time. We love it. A.R. Rahman is a genius. As for practicing, it usually takes a week or two to choreo and another to practice.

UrbanAsian: For the fans out there that have been watching your videos – do you have any message to give them and where can new fans find you both through social media?

Poo and Priyanka:  We want to say thanks to our viewers for such overwhelming positivity and encouragement! It means the world to us! We simply follow what inspires us and hope others see the magic in it as well, so we’re happy that y’all do 🙂 You can find us on Instagram/Twitter as @poonampriyankas, and we have a Facebook page called Poonam & Priyanka.

UrbanAsian:  Okay time for Urban Rapid Fire Round!

1. Favorite Color

Poonam and Priyanka: we don’t discriminate on colors! :p If you looked through our closets, you’d say black most likely, however.

2. Favorite Bollywood Actor

Poonam:  Such hard questions! How do you pick one? Let’s say..Ranbir Kapoor
Priyanka: Ranbir Kapoor(YJHD tho.. can I be Naina?)

3. Favorite Indian Actress

Poonam hmm.. Kajol or Madhuri

Priyanka  Kajol for sure, can’t beat that old school Bollywood magic!

4. Favorite Indian Desert

Priyanka Chum-chum

Poonam Toss up between Ras Malai and Gulab Jamun

5. Favorite Destination:

Priyanka haven’t been there yet

Poonam  ^word

6. Favorite Fashion Designer:

Priyanka  and Poonam: We don’t follow fashion designers much.. we only watch Youtube videos. Does Zara/H&M/NastyGal count?

7. Favorite Choregrapher?

Priyanka: Yes way too many.. *looks through Youtube subscriptions*

Poonam Can’t name just one! Too many.

8. Favorite Dance Style

Priyanka: My current favorite is Popping/Animation.

Poonam: Can’t answer- there’s beauty in all dance styles!

Be sure to check out the twins as they bring more flavor to the dance floor on Facebook! I sure had fun interviewing these two young and talented beautiful ladies! Be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook, till then keep dancing!