Posted on March 22, 2016 at 3:11 am

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#Holi! Prime Time gets colorful with Holi on TV!

We all love this Holiday, throwing colors and spending quality time with friends and family and so do the TV film stars! With Holi just around the corner, TV actors share their Holi memories and reveal their plans for that day!

Dhruv Singh:
This year I’ll be celebrating Holi in Mumbai. It’s a festival of colors and sweets, which is enthusiastically enjoyed with everyone that you meet on that day. Holi in Delhi last year was the best I’ve ever had – it was fun because the whole family came together to celebrate it.
Dhruv Singh
Vipul Roy:  I look forward to celebrating Holi as it is one of favorite festivals. This year, I am performing on SAB Ki Holi, it will be followed by a colorful celebration with bhaang, friends and crazy Rang Barse dance. The tempo of Holi celebrations has never dipped till date for me. I  usually don’t attend filmy parties and prefer to enjoy it with  friends.Last year’s Holi was a memorable one as I called around 75 friends and had a blast with them. I like to keep Holi celebrations clean and also try to save water as much as possible. Sweets are my favorite part in the festival; my sweet tooth then becomes a sweet jaw as I gorge on sweets like crazy.
Vipul Roy

Arti Singh: I love Holi. I visit my mom in Lucknow on that day every year. The most memorable Holi moment for me would be the time I had to visit Lucknow for a day and return in the evening but I had bhaang. That one glass did not have any effect on me, so in a hurry I consumed one more and adding to that I ate gujiyas with that. It hit me so fast that I was dancing in the middle of the road and my mom showered me with slaps on my face. It was very funny.

Arti Singh
Ankush Bali : Holi reminds me of my days in Delhi with colors. Family and friends would target every person they can with colors. As for my most memorable Holi, it was in the year 2014 when my mom was alive, I smeared with Holi colors. Even the Holi spent in school were unforgettable.
Ankush Bali
Krishna Gokani: This year I will be with my family on Holi, so it’s going to be full of colors with family and friends. It goes without saying that when I see colors, it reminds me of Holi and sweets prepared on that day. The most memorable Holi for me has to be the ones spent in college; my friends pulled me out of the house, threw me into the pool and colored me in all possible colors.
Krishna Gokani in white
Karan Ambardar: I am going back home for Holi after two years. And I am really looking forward to my mother’s gujiyas, sitting with family and drinking bhaang. I am also bit scared as they are going to target me during Holi this year. Every Holi has been memorable as it always ended in us having a good time. I remember my childhood, when we use to have an egg fight across the rooftops.
Karan Ambardar
Mrunal Jain: I will be spending Holi in Mumbai with my wife and my cricket team  this year. It is also my first Holi with her. Mithais,colours and bhaang – all three remind me of Holi as it is the only time when we act crazy with friends, colour them and eat sweets like anything, specially gujiyas. My mom Vidhya makes excellent gujiyas and thandai.

Amal Sehrawat: My plans for Holi this year is a party on my terrace with organic colors and no water (to save water), food and dancing on various Holi songs by the deejay. It’s an open invitation to my friends; they are all invited.  Having said that, Holi is the only festival when ‘Ugly is beautiful’ – the more scary and colorful you become, the more happy you feel about it.It’s fun to see reserved and sophisticated people also letting their hair down and freaking out in the wildest way.  My most memorable Holi was during my high school days when I fancied a girl but had no guts to ask her out. So I dabbed my face with all possible colours so that she could not recognize me, went to her, said ‘I love you’ and ran away feeling elated. I waited for her to response, not realizing that she had not recognize me. I went to school with a lot of excitement and hopes, but was crushed to see her boyfriend dropping her to school on bike. However, I was happy that I at least took the step to confess my love to her.

Amal Shehrawat in black
Himanshoo Malhotra: I and Amruta will try to go to Delhi to celebrate Holi with my mom and
brother, if he is not busy with his shooting. So it’s going to be fun with cousins and friends in Delh. We are looking forward to having a great time. Holi reminds me of mithai, bhaang, colours and having masti with friends and cousins. It’s going to be a great fun with deejay, dhol and band baaja. It is one of the best times to enjoy with friends, relatives and cousins. For the past 4 to 5 years, we have been attending Holi parties hosted by Zoom, but there was this one time where the after-party continued at my place, where all my friends got drunk on bhaang. So we had a maddening time, where my house ended up being splashed in all kinds of colors. I had to get my house painted again.
Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra

Shradha Sharma: This year I am working on Holi, and celebrating it in Sri Lanka; I am performing on the latest Bollywood tracks in Ballegio Casino, one of the famous casinos there. I will also be celebrating Holi at a party with the locals. Holi is a day when I forget all about my diet and eat all possible sweets. It reminds of bhaang, colours and sweets. I remember at a party hosted by Colors, I consumed so much of bhaang that I felt so hungry that I kept on eating and eating when I returned home. That was the only Holi when I drank so much of bhaang. I prefer playing Holi with gulaal,  that too a mild one as it is skin-friendly and comes off easily and does not affect my work if I have to shoot the next day

Shradha Sharma
Meghna Malik: Holi is a festival of colours and sharing love. It reminds me of water balloons, colours, bhaang, pakoras, pichkari, silver paints which are hard to get rid off and water tanks for dunking school friends. The most memorable Holi I witnessed was in Uttar Pradesh, where women would beat men with lathis and they would run for cover, throw colour and water at the women. I would request my readers not to indulge in such a play to celebrate Holi. This year’s Holi will be in Delhi by the pool with my Delhi friends. I am eagerly waiting for it.
Meghna Malik
Ajay Chaudhary: This year Holi is going to be a formal one with my family and friends visiting my place as my daughter is too small. Holi reminds me of colours and sweets, I have never drunk  bhaang, but I miss the times when mother use to make gujiyas and other sweets. Every Holi has been a memorable one.  I remember the first Holi after my wedding – all my friends and family came to my place and prepared sweets; it was a time well spent. Besides, the time spent with family is always most memorable.
Ajay Chaudhary
Gaurav Sharma: Though Holi is a festival of colours, I don’t use any except gulaal.  I love animals and colours are not good for them. But Holi also reminds me of homemade sweets and dahi bhallas that my mother used to make when I was 13. We were living in a joint family, so all my cousins and me used to celebrate Holi together. I was the naughtiest among the lot. Once we all went to Mathura to celebrate the month-long celebration of Holi there. It was the most memorable experience as I never had such a long holiday with all my lovely brothers and sisters. On the other hand, celebration there was completely different and better than what we had been celebrating for years.
Gaurav sharma new
Prasad Barve
I will be Playing Holi with my family and now my son who is  20 months old now would have fun this year but as always we will not use water and play holi with only dry colours I would like to appeal all my friends who keep holi parties to also follow the same not to use water if we can’t help naam foundation by contributing money at least we can do this much for the farmers save water and yes enjoy a lot  and   ma hath ke bani eat puran poli!
Prasad Barve