Posted on March 22, 2016 at 2:49 am

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JC Sona gives you Chardi Jawani – Feat Manjeet Pappu and Sonny Brown!

A name you have grown familiar with but a beat that keeps changing, surprise bangers for you music magpies it’s fair to say his epic vision never ceases to amaze me.  The collaborations keep coming and we can’t wait to see what he’s serving next. I’m sure you’ve come across his name more than a handful of times this year and it’s fair to say he’s not short of collaborations! Yes, we are talking about JC Sona!

Falling Star


His red-hot release ‘Chardi Jawani’ is not only going to make you want to flick it on repeat, but it will make you wonder why we didn’t hear this collabaration sooner.  His experimenting with two totally different genres is something we’ve all got addicted to but this track is off the scale, it will transform you to an urban café in Mumbai with its house finesse to the urban trap scene, with this particular track which you can get your hands on from all major digital platforms, let’s just say his creative fertility is exploding right now with this beat.

JC Sona met rapper Sonny Brown through Houston born friend and artist Deep Cold and IMM Entertainment, JC states:

Deep Cold was one of the best Asian rappers he had come across who sadly passed away last year. JC has worked with a number of rappers throughout his time within the music industry and was eager to collaborate with Sonny Brown, who has shared the stage with the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh, Bohemia, Dr Zeus, Juggy D, J Star, E-40 and Devin the dude, his collaboration list is intensely impressive, mega is an understatement, but JC was holding out for something unique for him to work his magic on hence the anticipation.

The vocals to Chardi Jawani were put together a long time ago by well-known singer Manjeet Pappu, written by Rattu Randhawa the track was great but was missing a certain JC vibe. Sonny Browns flow and attention grabbing lyrics made him the perfect fit for and JC couldn’t wait to get this track to the studio.

JC is always exploring different genres and has produced hip-hop, dance and even dubstep tracks over the years. He’s had one hell of a year establishing himself as a solo artist which has made him more hungry with his inventive talent. From traveling around the world as part of Sona Family to finally being able to go wild solo, his up and coming material has been worth the wait for both JC and The industry is changing on a daily basis and JCs aim is to establish himself by creating his own unique sound and constantly re-energizing his brand. Continuing his love for the music industry and gaining that much-needed release from everyday life.