Posted on March 5, 2016 at 6:26 pm

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Help Fiji Rebuild: Fiji gets hit by Cyclone – leaves many homeless!

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In the Media we tend to forget that we have many other places in the world that end up getting hit and yet no one talks about it. A few days ago one gorgeous island was rather hit by a major cyclone leaving many homeless without food and shelter. From Drinking water to clothing to homes being destroyed the people of Fiji were clueless on what to do next and yet had a smile on their face.  Fijians are known to always have a smile on their face no matter what the issue is as a smile will keep them positive.


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Many major companies from Australia and New Zealand and India itself have donated to the country to help rebuild and put Fiji back together. Fiji goes through many cyclones a year but they tend to rebuild within weeks. Forecasters and Weather officials say this had been the biggest cyclone on the Southern Hemisphere ever to hit the beautiful Island.

One group though has decided to start a Go Fund me page in hopes to help rebuild and in the past few days the group have been able to feed and help rebuild some of the areas by passing out food and water to the people of Fiji. Check out some photos below and to see more check all the photos here!

To donate to the cause and help rebuild Fiji once again, check out the Go Fund me Page put on by the P.Meghji Group who has been able to help the villages of Fiji here.



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