Posted on March 24, 2016 at 3:35 am

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Aanushka Ramesh shares how she celebrates Holi!

Model turned actress Aanushka Ramesh who is soon going to be seen in Punjabi film titles Canada Di Flight shares her Holi plans. Aanushka says,

“I am planning to celebrate Holi with all my friends. We will have celebrations at home first with an auspicious pooja, then head out to some of the Holi parties and have a blast. Holi reminds me of variety of colors.  When I was kid we used to be so excited at the thought of putting color and throwing balloons on everyone and some people would use strange dyes and colors. I remember we used to get so freaked out and hide from them. Now of course it’s all about color and water followed by sweets because Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets.”

Talking about her best Holi memories she shares,
“My best memories of Holi are from my college days. When I was in college in Bangalore even though Holi is not much celebrated in South India , me and my friends really used to have a blast and that is also when I tasted bhang for the first time.”
When asked about her favorite Holi songs and Bollywood actor with she wants to celebrate she says,
“My favorite Holi song is Balam Pichkaari from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani because the song is really amazing and it is about friendship and good times with a modern twist. I would like to celebrate Holi with Hrithik Roshan because he throw lovely Holi parties with the full family which I love, and I would love to see how he would look with red color all over his face.”

On being asked that this time there is a drought like situation she says,

“Yes this year and even for future I would really urge people to conserve water and have a safe and clean Holi. Holi is about the spirit, positivity and burning away all the negatives. We need to look after our environment , it is something I feel very strongly about. So each one of us must do everything in our power to conserve our resources and keep the planet beautiful and safe. I would request people to save water because ultimately Holi is celebrated from the heart.”