Posted on February 5, 2016 at 1:37 am

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Woman of the House: Delhi High Court allows women to head the household

According to a recent preceding by the Delhi High Court, females are now legally considered the head of the household. The judgment was passed by the court on December 22nd 2015 but made public on Monday (February 1st).


The case was brought to the Delhi high court when the eldest daughter of a family had wanted to take over the family business after her brothers, father and uncles passed away, and her nephew claimed to be the rightful owner under the old law.

However, the change in the law solely applies to the Hindu Undividee Families or HUF. Families which fall under the HUF category are families of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain And Sikh backgrounds. Muslim and Christian families continue to be exempt from this rule.

This is the second preceding of 2015 in favor of women’s rights. In November of 2015 it was made public that women of all religions are now able to keep their gifts from marriages as well as prior earrings to themselves post separation from their spouse.