Posted on February 5, 2016 at 3:33 am

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Nandish Sandhu on cloud nine after an extremely successful launch party!

Actor Nandish Singh Sandhu seems to be on cloud nine after an exceedingly successful launch party of his team “Ahmedabad Express.”

To support him, there came The miss India brigade which included Varnika, Ankita Shorey, Nonita, and Natasha. The actor has been putting such laborious work to make his team reach greater heights with the season of BCL.

Miss India Brigade Supports Nandish Singh at the launch of his Team Ahmedabad Express

The Ms. India title comes up with a lot of responsibility and hence coming in to support Nandish and his team was a careful decision by the beauty queens.  They’ve all admired Nandish’s work from his Uttaran days and also respect him for his experience and journey so far.  There’s never been support from the Ms. Indias in BCL and hence it’s the first time and Ahmedabad Express is the only team to have support from the beauty queens.  They are hoping that their support can help Nandish take his team further as an entrepreneur.

We wish the team of Ahmedabad Express the best of luck, and hope they gain even more success throughout their journey!