Posted on February 16, 2016 at 3:20 am

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Valentine's Day is everyday for these actors!

Granted that Valentine’s Day is over but for some the essence lingers all year around! For these television actors loved does not need a day. For them loving someone is loving them each passing day, expressing your feeling and making you loved one feel special for an eternity. Here are some actors who continue to celebrate Valentine’s Day even after February 14th:


Karan Patel
I don’t consider just one day a day to love my love ones. Love is said to be felt ceaselessly and if you love someone everyday is as special as Valentine’s Day irrespective of the date. To make someone feel special you do not need a specific day.

Niti Taylor
Loving someone unconditionaly is itself a celebration and can be enjoy any day. We don’t need any single day for love. If you really love someone. Everyday is special and everyday is a celebration of collecting moments and having the time of your love life.

Pearl V Puri
Love does not need any specific day to express. If you love someone unconditionally you will make each day expressing your love to her and make her more and more special. If any day I will be in love I’ll make the day special by taking my beloved to Maldives and have a candle light dinner on floating restaurant.

Tejaswani Wayangankar
For me the day passes out very normally like any other day everyday. It goes nothing special as such yet but I’ll take my family out for dinner. As my dad is not here in town so I’ll be my mum’s Valentine.

Adah Khan
You don’t need to have a Valentine for expressing your love. we can make it special with people we love the most could be our family and friends too. Each day you can express the feeling inside you. Even every other day you can make them feel the value and importance you have for them. And if we have a day of love, Valentine’s Day we can make them feel their importance in our life.

Rubina Dilaik
As love does not have any boundries, it also does not have any particular day to express or celebrate. The people who understand and value love will make each day special for their love one. And even I feel every day should be celebrated as love day, and on the day of love one should express that love out loudly.

Tanya Sharma
Love is itself special, it have different shades care, respect, commitment. It dont need any particular day to express or feel. The day when one finds the mate, itself becomes special. So I don’t think Valentine’s Day would be special for me.

Mahika Sharma
I have seen the gardens or park or sea side that gets crowded by couples in love and celebrating Valentine’s Day. But I don’t feel like that’s all love. That could be call just showoff! True love is all about commitment, posetive attitude in any situation and trust which we need everytime in relation and to live it we need to make everyday special.