Posted on February 16, 2016 at 3:30 am

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Sonal Sehgal shows her strong side in Muay Thai Federation Cup 2016 promo!

Sonal Sehgal, who debuted with Nagesh Kuknoor’s Aashayein and was last seen in Future To Bright Hai Ji, has been appointed the brand ambassador for the 2016 Indian Muay Thai Federation’s women’s team. Having trained under Bala ShettyNational Coach and also seven times national champion – Sonal has shown her continued support to the sport over the years. Check out the promo for the games below!

Speaking about Muay Thai, Sonal says,

“I would recommend Muay Thai, that is, kick boxing to all women. Whether as a sport or a self defense form, it is a great martial arts practice. In the increasingly unsafe world that we are living in today, Muay Thai is a great form of self defense involving all limbs. We generally don’t have the reflex to physically hit back. When confronted with an abuser, most women go into shock. You tend to freeze. What practicing Muay Thai does is sharpen your reflexes. You will respond in a shorter span of time. You may not succeed in crushing the perpetrator, but you will scare him enough to recede and even buy yourself time to escape.”

Regarding the exercise aspect of Muay Thai kickboxing, Sonal adds,

“It is also a high energy workout and you don’t have to do cardio and weights separately. It tones and builds muscle at the same time.”