Posted on February 9, 2016 at 11:08 am

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The cast of Meri Saasu Maa share a unique bond!

Actors and television productions work so many hours a day that their set ends up being their second home and the cast and crew, their family. It’s no wonder that the cast and crew of Zee TV’s latest Meri Saasu Maa has become like a tight knit family.

The team recently got together at a suburban restaurant to celebrate their togetherness and the success of the show. The actors had a good time and a huge chocolate cake was cut. Producer Rahul Kumar Tewary and Saba Mumtaz were also present. Pearl V Puri and Hiba Nawab got lot of appreciation for their performance. The feedback for the show is very positive. Hiba Nawab says,

“We had a blast. We danced and had scrumptious dinner. We even went to Bandstand post party to chill over cup of coffee and corn”.

On being asked about the feedback for the show

” I am getting good feedback. People are liking the show”.

Pearl V Puri adds,

“It was great fun. We watched the episode together. Producer Rahul Kumar Tewary and Saba Mumtaz are very good people and I am happy to be par of this show”

Congratulations to the team!