Posted on February 9, 2016 at 3:29 am

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Behind the scenes with Richa Chadda through Shaan Muttathil’s camera!

Shaan Muttathil, one of Bollywood’s most sought after makeup artists has been taking us into the lives of various stars, showing us a never seen before side of our favourite celebrities through his YouTube channel, ShaanMu, powered by One Digital Entertainment.

In his latest episode, he is seen very excitedly working with an actor par excellence, Richa Chadda, as she makes her way to the cover of a renowned magazine. The Masaan girl, who has repeatedly garnered accolades through her consistent portrayal of unconventional characters, has always managed to sway the audience with her acting skills. This time, she impresses with her style and makeup, and showcases three different looks she donned for the magazine. Check it out!

For more info and updates from Shaan, visit his Youtube channel!