Posted on February 22, 2016 at 4:31 am

What's Happenin'

Planet Parle is back with more Gujarati Action- Pun Apda Ketla?!

YouTubers are taking over the world lately and different languages are also taking part in the industry! What do we mean by that? Well British Gujarati Indian YouTuber Planet Parle is one Youtuber I enjoy watching over and over again! Being Gujarati his videos do relate to my daily living life! I mean many Gujaratis are familiar with some of these scenarios! The best one yet is the Sleeping Video! You will know exactly what I am talking about once you see the video! I totally relate to that video growing up in my High School Days!

Planet Parle who is also a major fan of Navratri also is very stylish at dressing up and even breaking it down on the dance floor during Garba Season! If you are Gujarati then you will totally relate to these funny videos he has created!

Get ready for some laughs!