Posted on February 22, 2016 at 6:08 am

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Nawazuddin : The new favorite in the Brand world!

Nawazuddin’s journey to stardom in Bollywood has earned him tremendous respect amidst the fraternity and countless awards – most recent being his double whammy at the Zee Cine Awards for his performance in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Badlapur. And most importantly, he has also managed to become a youth icon : a figure of inspiration by virtue of his self-made stature, his incredible talent and his relentless spirit to chase his dreams. It’s no wonder that he has become such a coveted asset and favorite for brands targeted at the youth, especially in the apparel category.


From being someone who, to his own admission, owned repeated the same suit to award functions and events when he started out to now having apparel brands lining up to sign him as their brand ambassador, Nawaz has come a long way.
Recently Nawaz was signed as the brand ambassador for a Suitings  brand endorsed by superstars in the past. Post that, the actor has been flooded with endorsement deals from top apparel brands to have him sign up with them.
An insider source reveals,
He’s been approached by three different clothing brands recently. A fashion apparel brand known for their rustic and earthy prints and style wants him to be their face. The brand is known for stylish, young, edgy yet true to the  Indian roots and for them Nawaz is the perfect fit courtesy his Indian heartland connect and aspirational youth appeal.”
It is believed that He’s been also approached by a traditional wedding apparel brand and a formal menswear brand both of whom want to make their way in to the Indian mass markets and deem as the ideal candidate to help them achieve their objective using his unique combination of being aspirational yet relatable.
Nawaz, who’s currently busy shooting for Raees with Shah Rukh Khan, will take a call on his brand queries once he’s back from his busy schedule.