Posted on February 27, 2016 at 1:24 am

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Grand Premiere night of Fuller House!

It all started when the first episode aired in 1987. Toddlers,adolescence’s, and young adults were all  hooked on this one family show called “Full House”. This show taught us love,respect,honesty and most importantly how to have fun with your family. Danny Tanner a single father with his rock musician brother in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone raise the three daughter’s of the Tanner house making them become strong and independent. As ups and downs are part of life in the end its all about being loved by your family and understanding how important they are to us. The last episode of the show presented and it felt like the end of an era.

Full-house_1987_cast But tonight is the night that all of our childhood memories come back with the grand premiere of   “Fuller House” on Netflix. This new season will show us the Tanner Family is a new light. DJ Tanner-Fuller is a recently widowed mother of three sons Jackson, Max and Tommy. She calls her sister Stephanie and best friend the family favorite Kimmy Gibbler to move in and help her raise the three boys.


It starts off with being a regular day in the San Francisco home at the Tanner House. First appearance was made by Danny talking to baby Tommy Fuller while he was eating breakfast and then one by one Jesse, Joey, Rebecca, DJ, Stephanie and last but not least Kimmy Gibbler. As the show continues we learn that DJ who is a veterinarian and a widowed mother has moved in with her dad and the rest of the gang, she is on the search for a new place as the family home is being sold because Danny and gang will be moving to LA. Throughout the show we see this strong independent mother and working women side from DJ and with all the ups and downs in her life, she hides her true feelings about the whole situation.

Let’s see in the next few episodes what the Tanner girls do as they come together to support each other! and will their family home really be sold?