Posted on February 26, 2016 at 10:43 pm

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#BCL: Shardul Pandit gives an insider on Ahmedabad Express' video challenge!

Shardul Pandit who was last seen in Bandini is now a part of Mrunal Jain and Nandish Singh’s Ahmedabad Express. The cricket loving heartthrob recently revealed another kind of challenge the team is throwing out on the pitch.


Shardul says,”The whole idea to have video challenge was given by our creative team of the Ahmedabad Express that we should do something different that other teams are not doing.So we were practicing and they came up with the idea of video challenge.So we all started preparing different challenges and we are enjoying it.”

When asked about the video challenge title Yeh Karke Dikhao Bakka means the actor says,

“Bakka is a very Gujarati word and since we are Ahmedabad Express, bakka word is perfect .Yeh Karke Dikhao is a challenge for other teams because cricket is not only about competing.It s all about having fun and interacting.It is a game of good will.Lot of people are part of BCL and everyone will show their talent.But we have prepared this challenge before the matches for the teams we are going to compete with.Many people play cricket but entertainment with cricket is called BCL.”

The actor further adds,

“We have targeted the team who are going to play matches with us. Mumbai Tigers teams,Jaipur Raj Joshiley,Rowdy Bangalore and Chandigarh Cubs.We are getting good response and everyone is liking our video.”

The actor talks about his bond with Mrunal Jain the co-owner of Ahmedabad Express,

“I know Mrunal from years.We worked together in Bandini.More than a friend he is like my brother.I don’t have my family in Mumbai so his family is like my family.I think the best thing about Mrunal is his heart. Mrunal is very generous guy.He doesn’t believe in competing.Actually we both believe in unity and helping each other.”

On being asked about the association with the show Spotboye he says,

“I always wanted to do something which is interesting so I left TV shows and then I joined Radio Mirchi Dubai. But Spotboye was coming up and they discovered me and brought me back to India. My role was very different and I do interview in different way.We have fun with the stars because we don’t ask them controversial questions we only enjoy. So Spotboye has been very good association and I am getting good response from the people.”

Way to go Shardul with new found friends in Ahmedabad Express besides Mrunal you would surely go places.