Posted on February 11, 2016 at 1:46 pm

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“Aditya is the better kisser, Katrina the better dancer”- Abhishek ‘Gattu’ Kapoor

Wouldn’t you think that a young, brooding man would be a fan of Katrina’s beauty and grace? Guess, you would! However, it seems Aditya Roy Kapur is more smitten by Katrina’s genetics than her beauty.


This revelation came about on the latest episode of M Bole Toh when Aditya was asked about his much talked about chiseled body. He said,

“Din mein do baar workout karta tha, used to have lots of water, lots of very boring food, used to eat a lot but bohot boring khana”.

On the other hand Katrina has a different view point when asked how one can look like her. She says,

“I eat oats which include eggs and muffin!”

Aditya it seems has had a taste of Katrina’s innovative dish, is quick to add,

“It really feels like you’re eating something great. So actually Katrina ko koi fitness tips dena kaafi mushkil hai as she has these superior genetics.”

To this Katrina shares what seems like something that is close to her heart. She says, “Every woman has the right and should look how they want to. That’s the first and most important thing. If for some reason, whatever it is, you want to drop a little bit of weight, the most important things according to me are avoid wheat, sugar and dairy products.”

Watch Fitoor’s lead-pair of Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur relaxing and letting their hair down in the latest fun-filled episode of M Bole Toh. Usually known to be shy and reserved, Katrina can be seen in a never-before avatar as she tackles all questions with dozes of subtle humor. From personal to professional, Katrina and Aditya are at their jovial best when they interact with the show’s quirky host Malishka.

Director Abhishek ‘Gattu’ Kapoor joins in the madness and spills the beans about his lead pair through revelations on who out of the two is punctual, hard-working, better dancer and also a better kisser! This hilarious segment of sweet arguments between the three is sure to leave the viewers in splits.