Posted on January 21, 2016 at 11:56 am

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"I've always loved playing high energy characters." – Neel Motwani

The dashing Neel Motwani, who is known for his contribution to smashing hit series such as Beintehaa, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Kumkum Bhagya, is back to entertain you in a who new avatar. The young lad will soon be seen alongside Karan V Grover in the upcoming Sci-fi sitcom Bahu Hamari Rajnikant. We sat down with the actor for a heart to heart on the show. Here is what he had to say:


Your upcoming show, Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, is a sci-fi sitcom. What was your initial reaction on the genre?

Well, every project I do is completely different from what I have done in the past. I was really excited when I heard the concept and was keen on doing it.

Tell us a bit about your character.

I am playing the best friend of the lead character, which is played by Karan V Grover.

You’ve played a range of characters from an obsessive lover in Kumkum Bhagya to a sweet and sophisticated lawyer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. What attracted you to the character in Bahu Hamari Rajnikant?

I’ve always loved playing high energy characters. Kumkum Bhagya was one of my favorite for that reason. I have played a similar character in Beintehaa on Colors, which was my all them favorite. I would love to play such a character again!


Out of all the characters you’ve played which character do you find most relatable?

Honestly speaking, none of them were exactly what I am. I must say I am the complete combination, stringent, ingenious, cute and sometimes haughty.

In what was has the television industry evolved in the past several years?

Now people are more open towards reality. Acceptance has become more open. Technically, we have better options, new equipment and young talent which has changed the vision of Indian television completely.

Which Bahu Hamari Rajnikant would you say you are closest to on set?

All of them are wonderful people but it is too soon to say if some is worth being close to.

Describe the following co-stars in one word:

Karan V Grover Sensible
Vahbbiz Dorabjee Cute
Pankit Thakker Decent
Tanvi Thakkar Nice
Rajendra Chawla Wonderful Actor



What are three things Neel Motwani would never leave the house without?

My bag which has my perfume, phone chargers and glares.

If you had to choose between no social media for a month or none of your favorite food for a month which would you choose?

Definitely no social media!

What is your message for fans?

Well I think whatever characters I have played from my initial days and the way I have succeeded in doing so is not only due to my talent. Some where it is the love of my fans and God who is making everything possible. All these factors are enabling me to entertain well and spread smiles across the globe. So dear fans, thank you for your love and support. Keep loving Neel and last but not the least please respect animals, share love, spread smiles and live life in the best way possible.