Posted on November 30, 2015 at 5:06 am

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Ep. 9 Quantico – Guilty

So who do you think is REALLY behind the Grand Central Station attack now… are you thinking Simon too?!

Everyone in the show is either getting flustered, confused, or hiding more and more secrets!!!

Miranda who got shot last episode is in the hospital, only to find out her getting shot had to have been framed. Another one that got shot was Ryan Booth, who was tortured in front of his lover Alex and then saved by the Quantico classmates-FBI agents.

Quantico has simply taken many turns as we are approaching just one more episode to the season finale and a number of questions are still unanswered.

Quantico camp days… O’connor who at the very beginning of the show we felt may have had an affair with Parish was actually saved by her as he was going down the path of becoming an alcoholic. Due to this the two have created a strong kinship and Parish is at the verge of losing her good ‘friend’ Ryan.


The students were given another case to figure out today, and Simon using his spidey senses looked mad deep into it which caused him to rethink a closed case and open it by phoning the cops. Simon at this points seems to be outcasted slowly and is definitely up to a lot more than we expect… and loads of distance has been created between him and Nimah.

While I am totally in love with the chemistry between Caleb and Shelby his political father keeps nudging into the lustrous relationship. He has nailed into Caleb’s mind that the money Shelby is sending to is not to her half sister. Her half sister supposedly doesn’t exist and the money is going elsewhere. Do you think this is true, or is Caleb’s father trying to create space between the two especially now knowing the relationship both Caleb’s father and Shelby have recently had.

And to conclude, O’connor finally believes Alex for not being guilty for the attack, but he creates a twists and tells Alex to come forward as guilty so it will be easier to track down the real person behind the one person framing her and the rest of the quantico FBI agents!

We will find out what all happens next Sunday for the Winter Season finale in Episode 10!