Posted on November 30, 2015 at 3:21 am

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11 Bollywood Actresses' Pay Packages Revealed!

I think that the mystery of ever knowing how much our Bollywood actors and actresses pay packagaes will always remain a mystery until now! Word is that the beautiful Kangana Ranaut had raised the question on why there is major difference between the paychecks of males and females in the industry.


Check out what some of the stars have to say about this disparity,

“Remuneration has changed but if you compare it with what the men get it is still very different. But I would say let’s not compare it because just five per cent of these films are being made. I think we will get our due. We are slowly moving towards that.” – Vidya Balan
“Indian cinema has come a long way. But one thing which has not changed is the remuneration for women. There is still a huge disparity. Let’s see what happens with that.” – Katrina Kaif
When the discussion was first introduced,  Salman Khan had one word to title the debate “Bullshit”, was that really necessary, i mean if we are going to run a successful film industry we should at least be fair when it comes to getting paid for movies.
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The stats now show,
1. Kangana Ranaut – 11 crores
2. Kareena Kapoor – 9 crores
3. Deepika Padukone – 9 crores
4. Priyanka Chopra – 9 crores
5. Vidya Balan – 7 crores
6. Katrina Kaif – 7 crores
7. Anushka Sharma – 6 crores
8. Sonakshi Sinha – 6 crores
9. Shraddha Kapoor – 5 crores
10. Alia Bhatt – 3 crores
11. Parineeti Chopra – 3 crores
The future for the film industry seems to be very bright and good because we have such amazing actors and actresses. We the money issues should be solved so the issue doesn’t rise again making it worse. There should be equality in everything because that is fair!