Posted on November 26, 2015 at 2:33 am

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Amy Jackson celebrates Diwali in the animal kingdom!

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While the rest of B-town rang in Diwali at lavish parties and cozy celeb get-togethers, Amy Jackson celebrated the holiday with her mother at an elephant rehabilitation center!

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When Amy found out that her mother was visiting her from the U.K., she took advantage of her 2-day break from shooting in Kerala to volunteer to work with the animals.

On her experience at the center, Amy said,

“I have been to the rehabilitation centre for Elephants in Kerala a few years back and then again earlier this year. It focuses on orphaned calves that have been abandoned and left alone in the wild because of poachers. It also cares for elephants that were mistreated by their owners or even part of shows and circuses. It was amazing to see their improvement and to see the baby elephants back in 2013 mature into healthy happy adults.”

We’re certainly impressed by the Jacksons’ generous spirit!