Posted on November 2, 2015 at 5:29 am

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Acoustic Girls tribute to SRK's 50th!

SRK fans all over the world are showering their love for him on his special day!

Mumbai based, The Acoustic Girls have done so by compiling some of Shahrukh’s best tracks and creating a fab medley out of them.

The video consists of Amanda Sodhi with vocals, and Malvika Sirur as guitarist and background vocals. The Acoustic Girls were launched in December 2014 and are known as the two girls with the love of chilled-out music!

The duo seem to be huge fans of King Khan, and they told us they hope that one day they can work on a track for one of his projects. Well, we sure hope these talented girls get their wish soon!

Amanda has previously fronted the pop-rock band The Chudail and Demons. She has lent her voice to an English bluesey number in Manish Pandya’s upcoming film Boom Boom Wale. She is also co-directing a feature-length documentary about the indie music scene in India called, Attention Please.

Malvika has taught at various institutes including at Maithili’s Institute of Performing Arts and Lokmanya Institute. She was previously part of the band Shakin Pulse in 2012.

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