Posted on October 8, 2015 at 1:35 pm

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Purvi Doshi gets you ready for Navratri!

Need something to wear this Navratri? Try Purvi Doshi’s gorgeous new collection, “Chavi” inspired by Navratri! The collection reflects the nine shades of Navratri and is perfect for the Navratri season. No matter what part of India you are from, you can now own a Purvi Doshi outfit with just a simple click from her online store!

Being a naturalist, Purvi Doshi’s collections have always been about expressing herself and giving back love to Mother Earth. This collection too conveys her core beliefs. Each garment is made of Khadi along with spectacular bursts of Aztech prints and hand-embroidered mirror-work.

Her line of designs comprises Indo-Western silhouettes and styles that highlight the best of fashion fusion. The designs celebrate the nine shades of emotions or Navras. These pure Khadi outfits are just what you need for the upbeat and vibrant festival of Navratri. Colors that enliven Purvi’s collection include hues of blue, green, red and orange.

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This is the designer’s effort to showcase the divine and stunning art of India with a contemporary spin. The designs are chic, comfortable and deeply ethnic. Purvi Doshi says,

“The creations include Indian hand-embroidered mirrors which reflect the traditional work of our very own intricate craftsmanship. The collection consists​​ of three magnificent major elements – Khadi, African prints and Kuttchi mirror embroidery, which add a unique look.”

This festive Navratri collection is now available online. Purvi Doshi’s creation lets you rejoice the extravagant nine-day celebration while making a style statement. What do you think of the Navratri collection? Love it or hate it?