Posted on October 26, 2015 at 3:30 am

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Ep. 5 Quantico – Found

Tonight we got to see Alex glam up and have a steamy-weekend getaway with Ryan Booth!!

This weekend retreat has brought Ryan and Alex closer and for a moment we even thought it was bringing Shelby and Caleb closer too. Caleb only made it a one-night-stand with her and is being totally sketchy, is he actually undercover?


Simon has a million unknown secrets and tonight we saw him breakdown and tell a part of his truth. And one of the Amin sisters are definitely falling for him… how’s he going to react to this? Why did Simon breakdown in front of the analyst which has been pressuring him to spill information out for the last two episodes?

O’connor finally reveals to Miranda the reason behind having Booth as an undercover. But there’s a lot more to this, as we are aware that O’connor and Alex have a relationship past we are unaware of yet. And it seems he wants her out of camp because of Alex’s past with her father. What do you think O’connor is hiding from us?

The Quantico story is slowly unraveling and it looks like Alex knows everyone’s secrets and has a lot to hold against everyone from camp. In fact she has taken the stance on her own to speak to the media and plan her way to find the truth!! We will have to wait till next Sunday to find out more secrets unravel and for Alex to find out the truth behind the attack which has been entirely framed on her.

Check out next weeks preview, everyone is awaiting the hot-steamy scene between Booth and Parish and so much more!

Who do you think the terrorist is?


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