Posted on September 17, 2015 at 11:08 pm

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Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon's Manjari Phandis speaks about the film, Kapil Sharma and her biggest fear!

Bollywood beauty Manjari Phadnis, who began her acting career with Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo has come a long way since her debut. After. Fruitful journey in Bollywood as well as regional cinema, the multi-talented actress is back with Kapil Sharma’s debut film Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon. We sat down with Manjari to speak about her journey, her experience working with Kapil and much more. Here is what the actress had to say!


From Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo until now, you have spent over a decade in the film industry. What has your experience been like?

I’ve had a beautiful journey thus far. I’ve worked with & met some of the most wonderful people in the industry. When I was planning to make a career here, initially I was scared away by some people who had no real experience within the industry saying, ‘oh it’s a big bad world out their etc, but I felt there was a lot more to it & that I’d find my way through. After spending a lot of time in the industry, I realized its one of the most beautiful industries to be a part of because, I think the film industry is a place which is buzzing around with so much passion, creativity, and genuinely talented people who LOOOVE what they do. Of course there are some people who aren’t as nice but good, bad, and ugly people along with politics exist in every industry probably more so outside. I hope someday peopleunderstand that. I’ve grown to love my film industry in all these years.

Your first interaction with the industry happened with the reality show Popstars which aired on Channel V and you are known for your beautiful singing. Have you ever considered doing a playback for one of your films?

Hahahahah! I see you’ve researched me well. Thank You! So yes I’ve already sung for myself in my Tamil film ‘Muthirai’. The song is called ‘Azaghana Neeyum’, Yuvan Shankar Raja was the music director for it. Apart from that I’ve sang for an album called Beats Beyond Borders which was aimed towards IndoPak peace, with this Pakistani pop icon Fakhr-e-Alam, the song was called ‘Sonya Way Sajana’ & recently I did a single with Raghav Sacchar ‘Gaa Raha Hai Yeh Aasama’. I’ve also sang for my films ‘Warning’ & my upcoming Marathi film ‘Sarva Mangal Saavadhan’. I really enjoy recording.

You have acted in range of regional films including Tamil, Telegu and Bengali. How does the experience differ from that of a Bollywood film?

Well we can add Kannada, Malayalam and now Marathi too that to. I’ve almost covered all the languages in the industry. The main difference is the language of communication & it’s far more challenging for me. But I love learning new languages so I don’t mind the challenge. I get quite a kick when I’m able to deliver a long monologue in one take surprising people on the set. Of course Hindi is my most comfortable space so I enjoy working in Hindi films the most.


Your upcoming film, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Tell us a bit about that.

It feels really good to see how excited people are for Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon! Of course the entire country is in LOOOVE with Kapil & I’m sure it’ll be a treat for them. I believe this film is a perfect launch pad for him. KKPK is basically a story about a good-hearted honest man who is circumstantially married to 3 women and has a girlfriend who he’s been in love with. To make his life easier, he’s made them all stay in the same building on different floors and all the comedy of errors that occur thanks to that. It’s hilarious!!! We’ve really enjoyed shooting every bit of it. I’m sure the fun we’ve had will translate on screen.

What was your experience like working with debutant Kapil Sharma?

Kapil is awesome! He’s a really good guy to work with. Extremely intelligent & witty! Because of the wonderful honest humble person that he is and of course not to forget coupled with the kind of talent that he has, he absolutely deserves the success that he’s getting today & more. He’s what I call a one-man army on stage. Also it was quite a learning experience for all of us because while working with him, you can rest assured that the scene will not exactly go as per the script, he’ll spontaneously add something on the spot which you’re completely unaware of. It helps you stay alert as an actor while performing with him.


Kapil Sharma is known for is impromptu comedy and one-liners on stage and on screen. Was there ever an off screen moment where Kapil has you all burst out in laughter?

Oh there were numerous times. But it was all so situational that in narration the humors will be lost. You’d have to be a part of it to experience it.

There are three other female leads in the film – Simran Kaur Mundi, Ellie Avram and Sai Lokur. What was your experience like working with them?

They’re all wonderful girls. All of us got along very well and would keep giggling like little girls every time we were together. In fact Abbas-Mustan sir and our whole team were quite surprised to see actresses on the set so comfortable and happy around each other. I think we’re all quite secure in our own skins so that’s why.



Tell us a bit about your character in the film. How is she different from the other wives?

So I’m playing a character called Juhi. I think all the girls in the film have very distinct characters. I play this sweet, understanding, and accommodating wife, Simran is the really hot demanding wife, Sai plays this religious Indian wife & Elli is the supercool girlfriend.

With whom were you closest to on set?

On sets I was closest to Simran & Shraddha who’s a part of the team. Loved them both. Awesome girls! Super fun & entertaining!

You recently went on tour with the team of Comedy Nights with Kapil. How would you describe the live stage experience?

The tour was great! It was my first live stage performance at that level! There were crowds as large as 15,000 people that filled the arena. It was the first time I performed and sang for such an enormous crowd.I had so many butterflies dancing in my stomach before taking the stage but once I was there, it felt absolutely amazing. The audiences were so responsive throughout the tour and provided such positive energy. I’m so grateful to Kapil and Preeti for giving me this opportunity.Apart from work and the tour, we had such a rocking time between the crazy fun after parties to midnight pajama parties with the entire cast of comedy nights.

What was the most memorable part of the tour?

Apart from what I said before, one more memorable and personally extremely important thing for me during this tour was that I came a full circle with my stage fear particularly for singing. When I was a kid I had a bad experience on stage while singing in 6th grade in my school assembly. I kinda developed this crazy singing fear in front of a crowd. So when Kapil offered me to be a part of this tour and that we’ll also sing since he knew of my singing, I took it as an opportunity & challenge to ‘Face My Fear’ once and for all and to put an end to it! What better way to end that fear than that!

What is your message to fans?

I just want to say Thank You for loving us! We actors are here just because of your love for us. Please do go watch my new film Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon on 25th September with your entire family & have a blast!