Posted on August 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm

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There is a beautiful side to Delhi!

In today’s day and age, students are studying abroad and couples are following the destination wedding trend! What I hear often from parents, “it’s not safe.” or “please be careful, anything can happen.” In reality though, no where is ‘safe’ and ‘anything can happen anywhere,’ so why are we assuming that going abroad will be any different than home?

I came across this clip on an article on Times of India and I was smiling for the two-minutes and twenty-seven seconds of the clip. Why? Because where people are more interested in only bad news, I am more intrigued to see the good news.

Being Indian and born in America, I hear all types of stereotypes about India and it nags me because the few times I have traveled to India, I have seen a beautiful country as displayed in this clip below. Delhi specifically is always getting bashed, and Delhi being the place I visit when I visit the homeland, I have had the chance to see most of these beautiful monuments and sites.

Not just India though. Even living in America, people get told that it’s not a safe place. At the end of the day, no place is safe and no place is perfect, but every place has it’s own character, beauty and story behind it. So next time you travel or hear someone else is traveling, think before you give out a negative thought, think about how beautiful a place is. Don’t follow the trend of only giving out bad news.