Posted on August 23, 2015 at 5:30 pm

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Singer Sathya Mani debuts with “Yaarathu Ange Povathu?”

There is a new singer in town and he goes by the name Sathya Mani.  Sathya is signed to takeXover Records, a new music label that will introduce fresh artists to the world of music.  Riza Rav the CEO of takeXover Records states that he can’t wait to announce the artists that have signed to the label in the coming weeks. Sounding and looking incredibly fresh in his latest music video – “Yaarathu Ange Povathu?”  The upbeat track features music produced by Princeten Charles and Jona Hausig along with Rita Thiyagaran’s vocals. The lyrics were written by Sathya Mani himself!  Although the song was made years back, the team behind it decided to reboot the song and now, it is sounding even fresher!

The music video has Ram Agarathi’s stylish choreography, Sri’s slick cinematography and Paul Thava’s specialized aerial cinematography.  Pras Lingam, the director and editor, crafted this music video to its best. Ram Agarathi did a great job creating the dance sequences for the song.  Also, Thivakar Arunthavarajah and Rahul Ravi, the dancers, did a good job in enacting the dance movements. Sathya Mani stars in the music video, alongside upcoming actress, Natasha Balakrishnan, who play the leading roles.