Posted on August 27, 2015 at 8:28 am

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Ravi and Devika may have found their silver lining! – Kalash

Life OK’s Kalash has seen major drama unfold but it’s not over yet. The series, which is currently focusing on the honeymoon sequence of newly weds Ravi (Krip Kapoor Suri) and Devika (Aparna Dixit), is about to witness yet another major incident.


After an unsuccessful honeymoon filled with bitterness, yelling and screaming Devika and Ravi feel that it is better to return home. On the way back, an already frustrated Devika will meet with an accident and injury herself.

Now you must be wondering where is silver lining is in this situation. Well, Ravi who deeply carries for Devika will be seeing lifting her off her feet and later caring for her wounds. With a loving husband like Ravi, any girl’s heart will melt!