Posted on August 27, 2015 at 12:19 pm

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“Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le is a real film with real characters!” – Binoy Gandhi

Binoy Gandhi, a name which has been associated with a number of successful projects in the past, is now set present yet another masterpiece. As the director of JP Dutta’s upcoming film Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le, Binoy Gandhi will be working with the newer talent of the industry including JP Dutta’s daughter Nidhi Dutta, Ajit Sodhi and Gippy fame Taaha Shah. We caught up with Binoy Gandhi who spoke to us about his journey, the film and his experience working with younger talent. Here is what Binoy had to say:


What interested you to join the world of filmmaking?

Since school I was never into studies, mostly sports and movies. I always wondered how shots were captured and how animation was done. I was a big fan of movies, TV shows, cartoons – you name it. I always wanted to learn that art.

What difficulties have you faced when you first began your career filmmaker?

I was quite lucky to join the industry as an assistant. After college I went on to study film making in Australia for a couple of years. My friend was working on the film “Darna Mana Hai” and he asked me if I wanted to work. I had just got back and still had a semester to go. I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with so many big names so I immediately jumped on it. But I should have got that degree though. Haha 🙂

As a filmmaker, what is the most important aspect of preproduction according to you?

Preproduction itself is the most important aspect. Everything from making music to costumes to locations is important. It’s like you are seeing your film on paper first. It’s all about planning. It’s all about knowing what you going to do on paper before hand. It helps in keeping the budgets in place and makes the shoot more organised. Here in Bollywood you get maximum 6 months of preproduction because you have budget restrains, actors dates etc. which is really hard but then that’s the way it is.

As an assistant director you have worked on films of numerous genres including romance (Teri Meri Kahani), horror (Darna Mana Hai) and family films (Ta Ra Rum Pum). Which genre appeals to you the most?

For now it’s romance. Haha. I’ve always been a big fan of romantic films from childhood. And I was lucky enough to work with directors like Kunal Kohli and Siddharth Anand who are known for their romantic films. But eventually I would like to do other genres in which I would like to tell a story.


We hear you are close buddies with Ranbir, Varun and the likes. When do we see you directing them?

I hope soon! I want to go to Ranbir with a script he can’t refuse. I’m developing something for him which is larger than life so hopefully he will like it. Also I want him to see what I’m capable of as I don’t want to get the friendship angle involved 🙂 I have a few subjects ready for Varun and Arjun but I guess when the time is right it’ll all happen. I do have a film with Neil Nitin Mukesh which is ready to go on floors but then again let’s see.

What was your experience like working with JP Dutta as a producer?

At first I was a bit scared of him. He’s an institution and has a huge body of work behind him. My script is not at all his genre. But when I met him he understood what we were making and how to deal with it. He totally gave me the freedom to make what I wanted to make and didn’t interfere a bit. That was the best part about him. Obviously I went to him for suggestions and he happily obliged.

The cult of remakes and sequels has taken over Bollywood. What is your take on that?

I’m pretty okay with that because the generation has changed. My generation saw Agneepath with the great Amitabh Bachchan which my sister never saw. So for her the Hrithik one was totally new. But there are some films that you can’t have a remake of. I really wanted to make Point Break in Hindi but Hollywood is remaking it. So I guess they are learning some things from us too haha.

With so many world views, perspectives and lens, how difficult is it for a director to engage the audiences’ attention on his or her view?

It’s all about how you want to tell a story. It’s that simple. You just have to be honest with what you want to tell the audience and then just cross your fingers and hope the audience likes it. Creativity is an art and art is never wrong or right according to me. With social media so strong in today’s world, every one is a critic and everyone knows film making. It’s scary.


Your upcoming film Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le has been already created a buzz, Tell us a bit about that.

JBKJL is a very real film with real characters. All my characters are inspired from friends around me and that makes it relatable with the audience. I’m sure when u see the film you will have all those characters in your real life too. I call it a bromance film where how friends go to any extent to help each other. It’s about love, travel, friendship and destiny. Now wait for the film to reveal more 🙂

We hear that Jee Bhar Ke Jee Le features the younger lot including Nidhi Dutta, Ajit Sodhi, Taaha Shah, Sagarika Ghatge, Vivan Bathena, Diganth Manchale and Sabina Sheema. How did this change the vibe on sets? Which one of the actors/actresses did you enjoy working with the most?

To be honest all of them. My entire team from the DOP to my assistants are young. I know it may sound cliche but it was actually like one big family. These young actors are so talented that it makes you wanna give your best to them. They always want to do more. We all became good friends within a week of shoot and that reflected totally in the film which you can easily notice.

What message or advice would you like to give to aspiring filmmakers

Don’t lose hope. It’s a hard world out there but if you dream of it, it will happen. And be totally honest with your script and believe you can do it.