Posted on August 25, 2015 at 12:16 am

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Poets receive Standing ovations at the 5th Veda event!

We all love poetry, films, art and India is strongly growing the art scene not just with film making but with poetry as well. WWI which has been growing over the past years has also supported the Poetry world and many who aren’t aware of the poetry in India will now get to see a sense of it. Whistling Woods International (WWI) has carved a niche for itself in the field of media education. Adding a feather to its achievement is the 5th VEDA cultural hub initiated by Subhash Ghai, which has seen the best of masters from various fields graced the stage, educating and imparting knowledge to the students. This week, the 550 students of WWI witnessed, five talented poets grace the occasion and set the stage for the first-ever ‘Mushaira’ (poetic symposium) evening as part of the cultural hub. The poets and poetess who presented their talent on stage were Danish Javed, Pragya Vikas, Jalees Sherwani, Mayur Puri and A M Turaz.

The evening started with a short AV showcasing a poem narrated by legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan. It was followed by a brilliant poetic symposium by the students of WWI as a gesture of welcoming all the guest of honours for the evening. The performance was then followed by an enlightening documentary made by the 5th VEDA team on the origin of Indian poetry and the best poets from early 18th century till present day.


Subash Ghai_Danish Javed _Jalees Sherwani_ Mayur Puri _ AM Turaz and Meghna Puri-5th Veda13th Aug2015

Salim Arif, well-known Theater personality, Production Designer & Sr. Faculty member of WWI welcomed the poets on stage. Danish Javed moderated the Mushaira for the audience by introducing each poet in his own signature style. Before the poets came forward and shared couplets from various ghazals, Danish congratulated the students to be lucky enough to be trained under the mentorship of Subhash Ghai and said,

‘I consider each person to be lucky whose passion turns into profession. And Whistling Woods paves the path for each student to turn their dreams into reality.’

“Zindagi  nakamiyo ke naam ho, isse pehle kuch acha kaam ho”,  A M Turaz started his performance with this couplet, and as he proceeded the auditorium resonated with thunderous applause and standing ovation from the students. He also expressed his desire to be able to work with Subhash Ghai and thanked the 5th VEDA cultural hub to give him this beautiful opportunity. Soon after Pragya Vikas took over the stage and shared couplets from a woman’s perspective & connected with the young audience beautifully!

Lyricist Mayur Puri who is also known for his work in films such as Bajrangi Bhaijan showed a deeper side of his by narrating profound ‘nazms’, which were heart warming and romantic. Danish Javed and Jalees Sherwani managed to strike a chord with the audience by sharing dark-edgy yet simple shayris (couplets) and ghazals based on life.

Poet Danish Javed congratulated the students for being such a great audience & praised the Teachers at WWI for imparting the right kind of training to it’s students and ensuring they have a rich understanding of culture & various art forms.