Posted on August 25, 2015 at 12:08 am

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Look instantly spot-less this Raksha Bandhan

August opens the season of festivals and Raksha Bandhan is first on the list. Buying Rakhis, sweets and attending extravagant family dinners is all part of the celebration. For all the dotting sisters who can’t’ help being caught up at work or college, here is how you can dawn an ethnic chic look with your skin looking spot-less, instantly, on this special day.

STEP 1: Get the raw materials right! If you’ve already picked out your accessories and makeup to match your outfit, make sure your skin too looks its natural and radiant best. If the parting monsoon winds have played havoc on your skin, we recommend keeping your look simple. Use the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ cream for a light and non-oily texture and give your skin an instant spot-less look. If you are planning a family outing post the rakhi ritual, you won’t need to weigh your skin down with foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen anymore. This all-in-one  formula that lightens your skin and spots from within, allowing it to breathe.




STEP 2: Frizzy hair is not always your foe. If it is one of those days when you hair feels frizzier than usual, try the popular ‘Double Ponytail’. Pull the lower half of your hair into a mid-range ponytail. Back comb and side-sweep the top half of your hair and secure it into a ponytail. Further, drop it directly on top of the lower one. You can flaunt stylish poufy yet elegant hair all day long!

STEP 3: Accessorize gracefully. Chandbali earrings, that compliment you outfit, can bring the ethnic look alive instantly, adding just the right amount of glamour to your festive mood.




STEP 4: Look ultra-feminine yet urban ethnic, try out some cool drapes with a traditional silk scarf. For all you experimental ones, we suggest trying the belted scarf drape. Wrap a long stole around the back of your neck and over your shoulders. Use a high waist belt to secure one end. Throw the loose end around your neck and let it fall on the back. Be creative and have fun with it!


Until then, from everyone at we wish all of you a Happy Raksha Bandhan week!