Posted on August 28, 2015 at 6:10 pm

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Mrinalini Chandra’s ‘Mathematics of Sorts’ raked in heavy digits at Lakme Fashion Week 2015

For Mrinalini Chandra, mathematics was a subject that baffled her during her childhood. To pay homage to her “favorite” subject Mrinalini’s collection called “Mathematics of Sorts” opened Day Four at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015. But while the subject may have been the bane of her life, the collection was a stunning amalgamation of creatively designed numerals that was an awe inspiring presentation on the runway.


No woman could have ever imagined that from the binary systems to the abacus, equations and numbers, these inspirations could turn into conversation stopping jewelry for her.Using expert jewelry making techniques like rawa, navratana, jadai and nakashi, the craftsmanship moved to amazing heights. Elaborate giant shoulder dusters with the Number 5 artistically used were outstanding. Necklaces stretched from neck to navel and featured geometric symbols, while jagged linked triangles worked beautifully for hair-cum-ear ornaments.

Chandeliers and chokers were worked with numerals while waist bands and armlets were done with circles. The multiplication sign was a huge “V” collar and back drape. Graduating necklace, bolero and belts with numbers and a neck to waist necklace were stunning. Size made a difference for the jewellery and it was at its extra-large limit. The final Pi sign was turned into a gold trail over a sari pallav.

When a woman wants to add glittering stylish numbers to her jewel box then she needs to choose from Mrinalini Chandra’s “Mathematics of Sorts” collection to make a calculated impact.