Posted on August 28, 2015 at 6:29 pm

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Its a Munkee See Munkee Doo situation for Teresa Laisom

The Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo label by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan reinterpreted fashion norms at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015. Their collections have always been adventurous and designed by pushing the creative envelope to its limits.


Giving their innovative touches to fabrics, shapes and proportions, the pair opted for a slightly carefree approach to construction. Seams were unfinished and left hanging to create drapes, while grosgrain tapes appeared instead of plackets.

When it came to appliqués, the duo was very relaxed allowing them to appear like peeling wall paint but the darts of the garments got the inside out stitched treatment. With various weights of cotton blends and knits as the basics, the collection also included acrylic wool with embroidery to create a hand knitted surface texture.

The colors stayed with black and white for most of the collection but brought in pale grey and pink with a hint of lilac. Midis had long sleeves with contrast patch pockets. Heavy knitted covers over asymmetric shirt and skirt, drop shoulder coat, crimped blouse/skirt and the layered long sleeved midi had a relaxed languid look. Black Pinafores appeared with blouses and the black pinched detailed dress and pants stayed within the loose silhouette region.

For buyers who are looking for something off the beaten fashion track, the collection by Teresa Laisom and Utsav Pradhan for their Munkee.See.Munkee.Doo label had ample possibilities.