Posted on August 14, 2015 at 12:36 pm

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Meaning of ‘Independence’ for our TV actors

As the Independence Day approaches, one can feel an aura of national pride in the wet monsoon air. The heart of every Indian brims with respect, pride and unity. But as we celebrate our country’s birthday this week, kite string in one hand and ghevar in another, with the strains of Vande Mataram playing in the background, one cannot overlook the throbbing thought — Are we really independent? Did our forefathers give their lives fighting for our country’s freedom only to know that India would be captured by corruption years later? 69 years of independence still doesn’t make any big difference to the meaning of being independent. Thanks to our Bollywood movies which platter the complete post and pre independence scenario of our respected freedom fighters. But what is a common Indian feeling today? Are you free to say anything against wrong or people doing wrong? Are you free to express your thoughts and opinion?


Does freedom actually means free to slam the glasses of buses on roads, kick and punch poor rickshaw drivers, shutter down the shops, free to do Bandh and do any violence in the name of religion, caste. On the occasion of India’s 69th Independence Day, television actors would like to share their views on whether the country is free from all shackles or are we still a name sake an independent country.


Ashiesh Roy:
For the common Indian, freedom is a myth. In reality, we continue to be in chains! Chains of caste, creed, lust and greed. We do not have freedom of speech even. No one can speak their mind without censorship casting their whip in one way or the other. Women do not have the freedom to wear what they l​​ike. And corruption is a bedfellow at every corner. When our minds are still so captive, how can we even feel independent?

In my humble opinion, freedom means live and let live. Freedom means not slamming anyone in the name of religion, race or sexuality. No one is rich or poor but only in thought. Freedom means the right to work on public holidays. Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair karna. The youth should actively propagate gender equality and empowerment of women. An independent India will only come to be when its women are recognized as independent.


Amit Behl:
India is independent only for namesake, we are dependent on tied up in our own false religious egos. Our politicians really don’t want the Indian citizen to actually breathe the air of independence so that they can fleece us with false promises,our taxes are sky rocketing, freedom of speech is being questioned.

Rape, communal riots, corruption etc will keep us under their rule, so how can we really be independent?India was the center of the world’s attention centuries ago because we had a truly progressive society….We need to really start feeling for our country and our fellow Indians selflessly…only then can the nation progress… Mere building of Metros n Bridges will not help us to progress. The day majority of Indian decides that each of us can make a difference by their contribution to the nation. India will rise above the rest of the world.


Ajay Arya:
Our forefather thought of an independent, self-sufficient nation .. It’s really sad we have disappointed them. It’s really sad we are still divided with caste n religion. It’s really sad that our daughters don’t feel safe in this country. To make our condition worst we our famous for corruption but we love to blame government for it. How many of us have strength to fight against corruption n stop bribing. Looks like bribing is in our blood n while we bribe we don’t even feel guilty, we don’t even feel it’s wrong. But isn’t it the same blood which boiled once n got us independence. Freedom of speech is our right which we misuse often. When we see something wrong happening we don’t speak. Our freedom of expression is limited to Facebook n twitter updates. But do we actually do what we preach on social networking sites?? Wish we all were what our status updates say on social networking. Yes India is an Independent country suffering the slavery of its own people. Every citizen has contributed in a small or big way to make it corrupt. Only solution is to stop bribing! Make it safe place for girls. Make it self-sufficient by contributing to the progress of the country. Change starts from “I”. India can be a great nation a super power with people like Abdul Kalam, who make India proud with the Agni missiles, his youth is the driving force filled with talent and are willing to work hard. They dream big the dream differently.We need simplified jurisdiction we need to make our farmers stronger not loot them more. We need better industries better policies total eradication of quota system we need to respect people of different. Races. We need to learn to respect women.


Aliraza Namdaar:
On this day lets thank and remember all the freedom fighters who struggled n strived n also the ones who gave their lives so that we could breathe in free India. The greatest gifts we got from our freedom fighters is the wings of independence and the roots of tesponsibility.We are using or at times abusing the wings very well but what about the roots? Are we acting as responsible citizens? True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right. Let us ask ourselves today, are we doing everything right?


Pankaj Berry:
We are free today because of the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors. They had a vision for a prosperous and independent India; we should honor this vision and work collectively towards making India free in every sense of the term. The day we break all chains of adversity that halt the progress of our country, we will be free.


Arbaaz Ali:
Independence Day isn’t about just celebrating a holiday but about appreciating and valuing the sacrifices of all the freedom fighters of India. It also involves respecting every citizen of the country, regardless of their religion, sentiments or gender. The real freedom lies in the freedom of thought. If every Indian is given the freedom and validation to think in his own way, I feel we will be living a much better life. I still think we have a long way to go till Indians come out of their shells and allow the kind of contemporary liberty which is much needed. A sense of responsibility towards your country cannot be contained to just one day, it’s about consistently attempting to do your bit for society.