Posted on August 14, 2015 at 6:49 pm

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7 things that are common between Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron and Bolly Star Shahid Kapoor!

Who wouldn’t want to talk about Shahid and Zac in one conversation! I know I would! With Zac Efron being back to woo the girls in his upcoming movie We Are Your Friends who will be seen romancing Emily Ratajkowski for the first time in this movie, that revolves around the an aspiring DJ, w are quite excited about this one!

Though now nearing mid-thirties and being a married man, Shahid still has that youthful charming looks that makes his fans go tizzy. In fact, he would not be out-of-place if he plays a college student again a la Ishq Vishk. If we need to compare Zac to someone in Bollywood, there is only one name that comes to my mind, and that’s Shahid Kappor!

  1. Both started off with their share of dancing!

Everyone knows Zac Efron is a fantastic dancer and is still associated with his breakout series, High School Musical, that had him groove on to some amazing moves. Similarly, Shahid is a fantastic dancer, having trained with Shiamak Davar and also performing some cool moves in his debut film in a leading role, Ishq Vishk!

 Shadid Zac 1


  1. Both are known for their romantic boy-next-door image

Blame it on their charming innocent appearances and the romantic roles they have played over the years, both Shahid and Zac are finding it break out of the mould. With upcoming romcoms like We Are Your Friends and Shaandaar  in their kitty respectively, it’s going to be a tough job indeed!


Shahid Zac 2

  1. The best of their female fan following fall in the same age bracket

The teens and the tweens! The ones who get all gooey-eyed at their mere sight! Well, the picture says it all!

Shahid Zac 3

  1. Both look great shirtless…

Lets just look at their bodies and not talk..shhh

Shahid Zac 4


  1. Both are Instagram-aniacs!

Be it there workouts or just plain goofing around, they love their share their moments with their fans at every given opportunity!

Shahid Zac 5

  1. Both are known to date their co-stars for a long time, only to break off!

Shahid Kapoor was dating Kareena Kapoor openly for the longest time, even doing a few films like36 China Town, Fida, Chup Chupke, Jab We Met, before their broke off. Zac Efron was dating his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens in a much publicised affair, but that too fizzled out. Incidentally, both Shahid and Zac had their private romantic moments brought to public limelight by the media!

Shahid Zac 6

  1. Both are now venturing into serious cinema!

As mentioned before, they are trying their best to break off their romantic tags, so both Shahid and Zac Efron are moving towards darker stuff. . Zac Efron, acted in the JFK assassination drama Parkland, and the Nicole Kidman drama The Paperboy, two roles that are totally in contrast with. While Shahid Kapoor won critical appreciation for his roles in both Kaminey and Haider, both dark films his HSM image!

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