Posted on August 14, 2015 at 1:48 am

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Jai Matt gives you ‘Habibi Aaya Hai’

This artist is one kid I have been keeping my eye on for the last few weeks! I mean who wouldn’t love his videos and his voice along with his mixes? I know I did! Another Arjun or Zack Knight you might say? But, this time I disagree with that statement because if you are thinking this is another Arjun or Zack Knight artist – it’s not! With some amazing fusion mix and european sounds he has crafted old school with european and mixed it all together. The Urban Scene is growing rapidly and many newcomers are evolving in the United States.

UK, you aren’t the only one who has some great artist coming out of the Asian Scene.

Check out this tune called Habibi Aaya Hai is an original mashup with live violin prodived by Violinder and guitar by Jai Matt. The song combines the summer hit “I Need Your Love” by Shaggy, Mohombi, Fayde, and Costi with Arjit Singh’s “Sawaan Ayaa Hai.”

The track is produced seamlessly by Dr. Srimix and Jai Matt. Additional vocals are provided by the resilient Aditya Rao, who’s released songs with A.R. Rahman and the European heartthrob NICCO, who has major hits in the European Dance Market.