Posted on August 14, 2015 at 3:18 am

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Culture Machine Presents: The Freedom Poem!

Independence day is just around the corner and Culture Machine reminisces the 15 of August 1947 through their latest video, The Freedom Poem!

Freedom is a clay that you mold, and it is up to you what you create with it.

This line from Being Indian’s latest video will encourage us to think how much we have contributed in making our country what it is today after 69 years of being ‘Independent.’

Independence Day represents a time which we have been conditioned to commemorate everyone who has contributed in giving India the privilege of enjoying, Freedom. Reminiscing this feeling of love for our motherland tells us the inspiring tale of birth of our national flag. This clip speaks about how we unconsciously celebrate our independence every single day. You celebrate it when you see a girl child dressing up to go to school, or when a women who steps out of her house knowing she will return home safe. You see it when a man who dares to dream. That is the true essence of India and its independence.


This clip is very visually appealing, it’s beautiful dancers from Nalanda Dance Academy dressed in traditional dance attire in India’s glory with classical dance forms of Bharatnatyam, Kathak, and Mohiniyattam. The video appreciates and respects the pains born by our ancestors who gifted us with the luxury of freedom. In contemporary times as such, this video is a reminder for us to keep our roots grounded, however tall we grow. Best known for their digital content, it features the popular spoken word performer Priyam Redican, who has passionately narrated her poem, giving the video a very powerful punch.

There are questions asked in this video which only you can answer. A question only you will understand.

Culture Machine has released this video on August 12 in dedication to India’s 69th Independence Day, this Saturday August 15.