Posted on August 21, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Chiranjeevi’s special treat to his guests on his 60th!

chirnB-town and the South are coming together to be part of superstar Chiranjeevi’s 60th Birthday and to celebrate his 35 years in the Indian Film Industry!

Ram Charan, the superstar actor’s son is arranging the entire event. From decor, guest list, entertainment and food too!

He has put together a menu of Chiranjeevi’s favorite dishes. One of them include the ‘Chiranjeevi Dosa’. This bespoke dosa will come from the superstar’s house, with the batter being prepared at his residence. The hotel chefs who have been trained by Srinu, Chiranjeevi’s head cook, will make the famous dosa at the event venue, Live!!