Posted on August 22, 2015 at 1:25 pm

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27 trends only Salman Khan can create!

Salman Khan completes 27 years in Bollywood today and fans have the hashtag #27BlockbusterYearsOfSalman trending on Twitter. While is is believed that Salman Khan’s first film was the blockbuster hit Maine Pyaar Kiya, a true Salman fanatic would know that he first appeared in Biwi Ho To Aisi which released on August 22, 1988. a youth icon, the superstar is known for being the ultimate trendsetter in India. Here are 27 trends only Salman Khan can create.


Man in Uniform!

From Garv to Dabanng, Salman Khan pulled of several law enforcement characters which could make you fall in love with any man in uniform.

You Can Do Whatever You Want To Do!

When was the last time someone told you to do whatever you want to do? Well when it comes from Salman, the statement sure does pack a punch. The Bigg Boss farewell greeting became the goodbye of the nation within a matter of episodes.


Dr. Love

He repairs hearts literally! When we hear of those countless heart patients getting relief through his funding, it truly is an motivational act.

Mastering the art of Wooing Woman!

He may be called bhaijaan but Salman is truly a ladies man. His pickup lines from films are the most sought after proposal one liners.

The Towl Step!

Ek baar jo jaiye… I’m sure you can complete these lyrics and do the towel dance all in one breath! After all, it’s Salman Khan who has etched the dance move in your minds!

Let It Go

A major theme of Salman’s greatest hits include self sacrificial love. Whether it be Sameer in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the actor has never shied away from playing the man who did not get the girl.

Sab Ka Host and Dost

Whether it be Dus Ka Dum or Bigg Boss, Salman is one host who made the audience crave an episode simply because he was hosting it it!

The Trainer

From Hrithik Roshan to Arjun Kapoor,the has shaped bodies worth drooling after. Thanks to his fitness training, Bollywood has never looked better!


The Perfect Brother

Salman has always supported his siblings in all that they do. He has set an example for all elder siblings around the world with his humble acts and loving nature. Doesn’t Arpita’s smile and love say it all?

Daddy’s Boy

The superstar, heartthrob of millions, yet, we hear the buck stops when papa says stop! That is one thing each of us can take home. Family first!

Bajrangi Secular Bhaijaan

Being born to a Hindu mother, Muslim father and being influenced by a Christian step mother has truly set the dynamics for a religiously tolerant Salman Khan. From Eid to Christmas to Diwali, Salman Khan is known to celebrate it all!

The Shoulder Length Hair Syndrome
Remember the time post Tere Naam when every second chap wanted to say  “tere naam” , complete with the hair do!

India’s Fitness Hero
We don’t have to say much, his body says it all. Fans scream out on the streets declaring him their “fitness idol” or “inspiration” or simply say, “body ho toh bhai jaise” ,

That Lucky!

Salman Khan is known to wear his lucky silver ‘lucky’ wherever he goes. That bracelet has become a fan favorite to the extent that ardent fans have brought replicas of the accessory and are flaunting it like true fans!

Bajrangi ki Chain

While we are talking about his fashion accessories, let’s not forget the Bajrangi Bhaijaan chain which has become an over night fashion statement. Ever since the launch of the first look poster, fans have been craving to have that chain around their neck as a symbol of pride.

Being Bachelor

As India’s most eligible and kind hearted bachelor, Salman Khan has proven that one does not need to be married in that 25 – 30 time frame to make life work. With more and more people being career oriented, Salman Khan is a a prime example for those who say you cannot be respected if you’re not settled in life!


Bollywood’s Remake Hero!

Ever wondered who started the trend of South Films going great guns and boosting their popularity in B’town! None other than our bhai himself! Some his popular remakes include Bodyguard and Ready.


Fashion Flair

The dashing actor has trended a fashion statement including skull caps, sunglasses at the collar, and lets not forget the jumpsuits from the late 90’s!

Friends Cap

If there is one accessory which was popular in the 90’s, it was that friends cap from Salman Khan’s film Maine Pyaar Kiya.


Making A New Friend

Salman Khan has always been known for making fast friends. His welcoming nature has attracted a number of international young talent to the country. At recent he was seen promoting Ellie Avram who starred in Mickey Virus.

When Birds Fly
Remember that famous song from Maine Pyaar Kiya? Well that kabutar is still flying high today. I’m surprised it still isn’t our means of instant messaging today.


The Bhaijaan Tag
Prior to the 90’s, having the hots for bhaijaan would sound a bit strange coming from a college girl, but now Salman Khan has the term trending where ever he goes!


Launchpad for Shooting Stars!

He has helped many stars to achieve what they are today. Himesh Reshammiya, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sajid-Wajid were brought into the industry thanks to Salman Khan’s help. Even Hrithik Roshan went through training through our Sallu.


You Sing Much?

Lately, India has seen a number of actors turning to singing but it was Salman who started the trend. Salman Khan has lend his voice to a number of tracks including the recent Main Hoon Hero Tera from Subhash Ghai’s Hero.

Being Human

He is the probably one of the only star to start his own foundation for the kids and the poor. And look what he did – he knows that kids with some sickness or illness won’t go to watch a movie. Prior to the release of ‘Partner’, he had a special screening for the kids! Plus, every kid walked out with a special gift in their hands after the event! Wow, our Salman is truly great!

Box Office King

If there is a star who knows how to make the masses happy, it’s Salman Khan. The actor is known to have created the trend of 100 crore clubs and has been the longest lasting member of the club as well.

Going International!

You want to talk 100 crore, 200 crore, 500 crore clubs? Well let’s talk international blockbuster hit when we only had single screen cinemas. Now that is a trend! Salman Khan’s Maine Pyaar Ki was one of the first films to break that international barrier!


His Don’t Give a Damn Attitude

This is one aspect that sets Salman Khan different from other stars in Bollywood. You can say whatever you want about the man, but nothing affects him. His fans have also caught on and learned to live that YOLO lifestyle!


Dance Moves

Let’s face it, there is no other dancer like Salman. From the big screen to the award show stages, Salman is one of the most sought after dancers in India.

Being Salman

Above all trends, acts, performances and good deeds one which will always trend is that there is only one Salman and he is irreplaceable.